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Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming Service

Trees can add value and beauty to your property and give your home shade to keep it cool. This is especially important with the hot summers we experience in the Marietta area. Appropriate tree maintenance and regular tree trimming will keep your plants attractive and healthy. Our certified arborist will inspect your Red Maples, Oaks, Pines, and so on, and recommend the best method to keep them growing and looking great for years to come. Several options are available and Chapman’s has the experience and equipment to get the job done right.

One of the most common trimming methods is crown cleaning. Crown cleaning removes deadwood and diseased limbs. This opens up the crown and keeps your limbs and branches balanced and healthy. Another method of maintenance is to remove the dead wood. Dead limbs and branches are removed to prevent them from falling and damaging your home, car and property. If your tree has crossed or rubbing limbs, thinning is called for. This trimming method helps to reduce the wind resistance in a branch or limb and can prevent storm damage to your property.

Removal of low lying limbs is called elevating. If you have limbs that hang low over a sidewalk are encroaching on a building or structure the maintenance method of elevating will alleviate this common problem.

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