How to Keep your Christmas Tree Green

As we get into the holiday season, many people have Christmas trees that they want to keep green for as long as possible. There are some simple tips that we recommend to keep your tree looking great from now until the New Year.

  • First things first, before putting the tree up and adding water, cut an inch or two off the bottom. The sap in the tree will harder after it is cut down so making a fresh cut will make it able to absorb the water.
  • Keep in mind that a fresh tree can drink up to a half a gallon of water a day for the first few days. Make sure there is plenty of water there to ensure this can happen.
  • Do not place the tree near a heat source like a fireplace or a radiator. The increased temperatures will make it dry out faster.
  • Over the years many people have special "mixtures" that claim to keep the tree green for longer. None of these have ever worked, stick to using water that it would be getting in nature.

Following these tips will help guarantee that your tree will look great for the whole month. If you've got any questions about this or anything else tree related, don't ever hesitate to contact us!

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Good Samaritans Help Man Trapped in Car

We're always happy to read stories or hear news about good Samaritans helping their fellow man!

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Tree climbing: Adults get in touch with childhood, nature

When Steff Merten asked who wanted to go first, of course it was the guy wearing a Spider-Man T-shirt who raised his hand.Merten had shown members of Riveredge Nature Center's adult tree climbing club how to tie knots and buckle into their harnesses and gone over the basics of climbing. As sunlight knifed through the tree canopy on a warm, humid da...
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Tree Health Care

Do you need tree health care?What is tree health care?These are just a couple questions people have when they are looking for someone to improve the health of the trees on their property.  There are many things that can cause your trees to look unhealthy from pests and disease to improper planting or care.  Having a proper diagnosis of th...
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Problems With Bradford Pear Trees

​The hybridized Bradford Pear trees that are now growing wild in Eastern Tennessee have become very problematic. We think they need a certified arborist to get in there and help control the population and get better, native trees in place.Read the following article for more information.
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Emerald Ash Borers in Duluth

This information is from and credited to: Duluth News Tribune It has been nearly four months since emerald ash borers were discovered on Park Point, and residents gathered Tuesday evening at Duluth City Hall to discuss the city's emerging plan for how to combat the destructive beetle and save at least some local ash trees from near-certain dea...
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Wood Chips

Wood chips are recycled from a renewable resource and provide good ground cover for landscaped areas of your yard. They help keep moisture in the ground and prevent run-off from heavy rains. Wood chips are one of the easiest ways to keep your trees, shrubs and flowers healthy. Chapman's Tree Service will deliver wood chips right to your home or bus...
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Green Thumb

Enter yourGardening can be a great hobby. Learn or improve your skills to create a beautiful landscape, grow herbs and crops, or simply plant a container garden. Let your kids help too – they will love it. Visit these websites to expand your knowledge or get started in the great hobby of www.organicgardening.comwww.kidsgard...
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Tree Entomology

Enter your tThis is the study of insects that affect timber varieties. The most common in Georgia is the Southern Pine Beetle. This insect has been known to kill thousands of acres of pine by boring under the bark of the tree and eating the underlying tissue. Learn about the various pests that can affect your plants by visiting these websites.www.f...
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Tree Pathology

This is the study of tree diseases. A species can be said to be affected by a disease when a living organism (biotic agent) or an environmental condition (abiotic agent) induces changes in its natural growth, its form or its physiology. For more information visit these excellent
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