Plant Healthcare

Plant Healthcare

At Chapman's Tree Service Inc. we do more than just remove and trim trees, taking care of other types of plants and shrubs is one of our primary focuses. The health of your plants is important to us and our certified arborist is experienced in diagnosing and treating different types of diseases that are common in the area. Once we have identified any issues you may have, we can formulate an effective treatment program to bring the plants back to health and keep them healthy in the future.

Two of the most common health issues in the Marietta area are Amillaria Root Rot, Anthropogenic and/or Leaf Spot Diseases. Amillaria Root Rot is a fungus that attacks both softwood and hardwood trees and shrubs. Amillaria Root Rot attacks trees that are weak from competition, pests or climatic factors. It can also attack healthy trees and kill them or make them more susceptible to other insects or fungi.

If your hardwood timber varieties are showing signs of dead areas or blotches on the leaves, they may be infected with the diseases mentioned above.

Another common problem in the Atlanta area is Southern Pine Beetle infestation. These pests attack pines in the south and can cause serious damage. The beetles bore under the pine bark and destroy the cambium layer of the trunk.

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