Tree Removal

Tree Removal

At Chapman's Tree Service Inc. we are tree removal experts when it comes to residential as well as commercial lots in our service area. Occasionally there will be times when a tree needs to be removed. This can be for health reasons such as the tree is diseased or dying and needs to be removed for safety purposes. If you are not sure about needing a tree removed, you can look for a few telltale signs of this such as:

  • Bark on the trunk looks dark grey or blue in color
  • Certain spots are missing limbs or foliage
  • Tips of limbs easily bend or snap off on a windy day
  • Leaves do not come back during the growing season
  • Fungus is growing on the trunk or on the leaves

If you do not notice these things or you are still unsure, please contact us and one of our arborists can come out and evaluate the tree and then recommend a course of action to remove the tree or any alternatives if it possible to save the tree. In addition to the removal of the tree we offer stump removal and grinding services to get rid of everything there so you can get other plants or grass in the areas soon.

Average rating for Chapman's Tree Service Inc. is 5 stars of 5 stars - based on 42 reviews
Tree Removal in Smyrna, GA
Chapman's Tree Service did a topnotch job for us this morning. Within two hours they had removed two, large trees, including removal and cleaning the area of all debris. What a professional and conscientious group of men working for Chapman's Tree Service. We live surrounded by trees so you can be ...
Tree Removal in Smyrna, GA

They were in my street and I asked them a estimate and when they can do it and they came back with a answer in 30 min , they did 2 enormous trees in 1 hr clean everything on my yard and had great pricing. Very nice gentleman as well.

Tree Removal And Pruning in Acworth, GA

Had three trees removed and others pruned. Very professional and quick. Competitive price. Cleaned up after done. Left wood chips for landscaping purposes.